Friday, November 14, 2008


Friday, October 24, 2008

It has been a long time....... Sorry I guess I have been
having too much fun taking the pictures
I haven't posted in a while. THANKS to
everyone for keeping me really busy.

If I could pick one of my favorite pics from this Fall.....
It would have to be this one...... Aren't these two so sweet.
I just love it!

These kids were especially FUN and made me work HARD
only because they are my children.

At first I thought the photo shoot was a FLOP. They just weren't really cooperating-
But after looking at them later, I found a few that I liked! We went to our favorite place. I hadn't done any here yet of my kids.

That's a wrap!
isn't this girl so dang cute!!
This is the busy little red head that was
being so serious- but still so cute!
But I did get him to smile just a couple times....

You can't help but feel the sunshine from these
adorable girls in yellow. I love SPRING time pictures.

This little boy was such a cute boy that posed for all the pictures.
And he just always was smiling!

Partners in crime and best buds.

This little guys cheeks are the BEST.

I think this little girl was so cute because she reminded me of a Disney princess with her HUGE eyes and big lips. She should work for Disney when she grows up!

One of the cutest little babies EVER. I couldn't get enough of her!

The COLDEST day ever! They were Great Sports!
Moses is so fly in his suit and Ava was a little doll.

She is definitely on Santa's Nice list. . . she and her sister were such calm babies.

One of my closest friends- loved this moment!

Get those fun hats out- It's time!!!
These adorable twins- SO SERIOUS!!!

To be a kid again. . . .
The cutest sisters ever

These sisters are so FUN and beautiful!

Big "BLUE" eyes

These little kids are the best behaved, sweetest little things.

partners in crime. . . .

He wasn't too happy during this photo shoot, luckily
you can't tell here. . .